Kyle Grubb – Founder – The Team

I don’t take flattering images, so I didn’t even bother trying.

Hey everybody. I’m Kyle Grubb. Born March 3, 1991, I am currently the Lead Writer, Lead Editor, Lead Website Manager… basically I’m everything. Well, not basically. I am literally everything right now. Hopefully not for forever, considering I know some people that are interested in helping out. But I’m the one getting us off the ground.

It's not exhausting doing everything. Why would you ask that?
It’s not exhausting doing everything. Why would you ask that?

Firstly, I’m a nerd. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, considering the site. Also, just look at me. Really, though, I just decided to create a nerdy little website that I’d like to go to. I love Video Games, Books, Movies, TV, Manga, Music of all sorts, and all of that sort of stuff. I like to think of myself as fairly funny, and try to incorporate my humor into my writing as much as I can. Probably even when I shouldn’t.

I’m currently attending El Camino Community College in Torrance, CA, where I live with my parents. Yeah, I’m that guy. I won’t hide it, even if I am the tiniest bit ashamed. Currently unemployed, I find myself with way too much free time. It probably isn’t healthy. Actually, my lifestyle definitely isn’t healthy; I’m currently out-of-shape, though I am working on it.

All out-of-shape people say that. We're contractually obligated.
All out-of-shape people say that. We’re contractually obligated.

I’m working on becoming a High School History Teacher. I love History, learning from the stories of the people that came before us. It’s just something I’ve always been fascinated with. I’m also an aspiring novelist, though isn’t everybody anymore? With my work ethic, we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition.

Not really sure what else to say here. I’m pretty likable, I guess, and thought that you all might be interested in getting to know me and hearing my opinions on various Stuffs. I’m egotistical like that.


Have fun here, guys.

Personal Introduction: In Review

By: Kyle Grubb

Holy crap, this Kyle guy is bad at this. I mean, this is really the best he could come up with? Why did we even hire him in the first place?

Final Score: 0/10


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