2/2/15 to 2/8/15 – Kyle’s Week in Review

By: Kyle Grubb

Yeah, I know this review is a day late. I’ll be knocking off points for that, don’t you worry. Well then, let’s just dive in.

In Retrospect:

Most of this week was pretty uneventful, to be honest. Monday and Wednesday I mostly just vegetated and played some more Resident Evil while Tuesday and Thursday involved more of the same in terms of my Literature and Philosophy classes. In Lit we talked about Passing by Nella Larson, which I will be reviewing soon, and in Philosophy we talked about Evil. Both were interesting subjects, to be sure, but they are sorta overshadowed by what happened after I got home Thursday.

I was confronted by my mother when I walked through the front door. I had forgotten to take out the trash the night before, as Thursday is the day the trash is collected at my house. This, apparently, was enough to lead my mother down the fun train of thought that ended up stopping at My Son is a Failure station. Okay, that’s me being melodramatic. Basically she said that I need to get a life and stop spending so much time in my room. She isn’t wrong, of course, but did this really have to happen right after I started a review blog about things that I typically experience alone in my room? The timing is frustrating.

I feel you, Bob.
I feel you, Bob.

I need to develop some sort of plan, now, about how I will get myself out into the world more so as to “experience life.” I have to impose upon myself set guidelines about how much time I can spend playing games, watching TV, and surfing the internet. I feel like I’m being treated like a child. Some would probably argue that I’m acting like a child, do the response is only fair. The fact remains that these new rules are going to have a large impact on this site.

Also, Matt came and got Sammy on Wednesday. With his girlfriend Taylor living with him now, I can probably expect to see a lot less of Matt in the future.

The era of Bro Chivalry has clearly died...
The era of Bro Chivalry has clearly died…

In Review:

My mother isn’t wrong about me needing to get out into the world and live more, but the way it’s being forced on me is putting a bad taste in my mouth. Most of my friends are moving away or getting their own lives, which is understandable, and so I’ve been retreating into myself a bit more recently. Maybe this blog was a way for me to justify all of the crap I’ve been wasting my time with. That doesn’t mean I won’t keep doing this; doing this is a lot of fun. I do have issues that need addressing, though, and those do need to be sorted higher on my priority list than a website that maybe five random people, tops, stumble upon per day.

If I fall asleep, I won't notice that I got a new view!
If I fall asleep, I won’t notice that I got a new view!

Like I had said last week, I’m way out of shape. Cooping myself up in my room isn’t helping matters. I also do need to build newer social circles if my old ones are beginning to leave me behind. I’ve always had some social anxiety and been shy, but there comes a point where excuses can’t keep holding me back. I can acknowledge that my life is a bit of a mess right now, and that it’ll only get worse if I don’t stop, reassess the situation, and find a new road. I can’t just accept that my social life is dead. I need to find a way to bring it back.

I need hobbies. More socially-oriented hobbies, to be specific. I need to go out there, find things I enjoy doing, and meet other people who enjoy doing those things. I need to put myself out there more, I need to allow myself to fail or to look like an idiot. I need to live a life of my own.

I just keep clicking No, man. I just keep clicking No.
I just keep clicking No, man. I just keep clicking No.

To do all of these things, I need to get a job. I haven’t been working for over a year, and that’s probably been a bad call on my part. Sure, I started going to school again, which is awesome, but if I’m consistently failing to get into enough classes to properly fill a schedule, I need to find other productive uses for my time. And while I kind of work for my mother, helping her with her Theatre Company, that really isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure anybody reading this understands what I’m getting at.

Well, this sure wasn’t a fun post. I bet you didn’t sign up to read about my angst. In any case, I have quite a lot of problems, and I’m still struggling for exactly how to fix them. This hasn’t exactly been my best week, personally, and I even failed to come up with an effective plan moving forward over the weekend. On top of all of that, this post was late.

I’ve got some work to do.

Thanks, Doc.
Thanks, Doc.

Final Score: 3/10


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