You Shall Not (Season) Pass – Nerdy News: In Review

It’s always exciting when you get to be one of the first people to break a story. It’s less exciting when you’re in that position because you’re one of the people having to deal with the story’s problems.

There is reason I don’t have my Resident Evil: Revelations 2: Episode 2 review up yet: I can’t play it. After purchasing Episode 1, I decided, after enjoying it so much, that I wanted to invest in the rest of the game. To do so, I purchased the in-game $19.99 Season Pass. This pass is supposed to unlock the rest of the content as it was released. When I got home from school this Tuesday to download the new episode, though, I found that I was being asked to pay for it again.


For PS4 players who bought the in-game pass, the content they paid for remained locked to them. If they wanted access to the new episode, they would need to purchase it individually. Users looking for help from Sony’s Ask PlayStation Twitter account were consistently told to Restore Licenses no matter how many times it failed to solve the problem.

User that arranged live chats or phone class with help agents received similar, useless advice. Some users were told that the problem would be fixed quickly, but it has been about three days without either a fix to the problem or any official announcement about the topic. In addition, many users have found difficulty in receiving refunds, despite “defective products” being mentioned as a viable reason in the PlayStation Network Terms of Service for a user to request that their money be returned.


Season Passes for video games are purchasable items that grant licenses for items that have yet to be released. These licenses allow the purchaser to obtain those items, at no further cost, when they are released. The licenses send a signal to the PlayStation Store that grants permission, essentially, to download the new items.

While some users have taken to conspiracy theories, and claim that this has been a purposeful problem made to get money out of users, there is no true evidence to suggest this. Likely this is a glitch in the programming of the pass, and because it seems to effect so few users, the teams responsible don’t have it as their highest priority. For those of us affected, though, it is a frustrating situation.

Especially because Tuesday was my birthday…

Happy Birthday To Me 24


Apparently, the problem was just fixed. For all affected, renewing your licenses on your PS4 will allow you to download the episodes. Thank goodness.


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  1. kyle this was also an issue for ps3 users l know this because l am one,it does seem to be fixed now l think


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