Resident Evil: Revelations 2: Episode 2 – Video Games: In Review

Return of the colons!

Alright. I know I just wrote a story on why I hadn’t played Episode 2 yet, and all of that drama. Well, after writing that story, I just said “screw it!” and purchased the episode on its own. At least then I could play it. I just hope that the season pass works by the time the third episode releases next Tuesday.

As I’ve already explained much of the story and gameplay elements in the review of the first episode, this episode is mostly just a quick check-in and update. As such, it probably won’t be very long. After all of the episodes come out, I’ll probably do a full, spoiler-filled review of the whole game.

But, like, you know... there aren't any spoilers here. You're okay to keep reading.
But, like, you know… there aren’t any spoilers here. You’re okay to keep reading.

In Review:

The game wastes no time in picking up the pieces from the previous game and hits the ground running. Claire and Moira now find themselves accompanied by a few friendly faces, and Barry and Natalia are left to sift through the revelations that were dropped at the end of the previous episode. Both stories provide keep things fresh and interesting, and the new environments feel fresh and different from the first episode’s prison. In addition, new enemies are added to the mix (some of which are familiar to those who delved into Raid mode) to help keep things interesting.

Both Claire and Barry’s chapter provide answers to questions introduced in the first episode, and both feature difficult and challenging boss fights to cap off their respective stories. Each story also ends with a dramatic moment, with Barry’s chapter again finding itself subject to a large reveal. Attentive and focused players are also given clues to suss out some of the further mysteries left to solve, and there are likely a few lines and sights that fans of the series could pour over for additional insight.

"Wait, are you telling me that she's -"  Didn't I say no spoilers here!?
“Wait, are you telling me that she’s -“
Didn’t I say no spoilers here!?

In general, Episode 2 provides a greater challenge than the introductory adventure. Claire and Moira find themselves desperately fighting off the increasingly dangerous foes being placed before them, while Barry and Natalia dive deeper into the dangers that the island provides. One new enemy that the second duo deals with is especially exciting to deal with in co-op, where teamwork is necessary for the characters to stand any chance. There are more moments in this episode where the secondary characters have a chance to shine, and the game officially feels like it has taken the training wheels off.

And just like in real life, once those wheels were removed, I died.
And just like in real life, once those wheels were removed, I started repeatedly dying.

In terms of Raid Mode, it’s just a case of more content to enjoy. Three new characters, one of which a fan favorite, and another pair of gauntlets to tackle await those who picked up this episode. Raid Mode proves itself the real standout of the game, no matter how enjoyable the campaign is, as I’ve found that I’ve plugged in over 20 hours into it already. Playing through it either alone or with a friend is incredibly rewarding, and as more characters and levels unlock, it’ll only become better and better.

In Summation:

Episode 2 takes everything that Episode 1 does and builds on it. A wider variety of enemies, with one in particularly being very well designed, and an increase in overall challenge keeps players from getting comfortable. The story has more and more layers peel away, and more mysteries sit impatiently, waiting to be solved. While I initially was confused with Capcom’s decision to release the game episodically if it was already finished, it’s beginning to make more sense. The mystery of the story is best served with a week between each chapter, and the internet has already been desperately putting the pieces together. Being a part of this experience is rewarding, and playing all of the game together would, while still being enjoying, likely compromise some of the story beats and cliffhangers.

I'm sure everything's going to be just fine...
I’m sure everything’s going to be just fine…

It’s hard to not recommend this game, no matter how difficult dealing with Sony’s customer service has been because of all of the glitches associated with the downloadable content. I can say that if you’re going to buy this game, just buy the entire season pass. The game is likely going to be worth all of it, and you’ll save yourself both money and some potential heartache.

Final Score: 9/10


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