The “All: In Review” Review Score Bible

When I ran this site last year, I was far too generous of a person. Frankly, that’s what it comes down to. The majority of things I reviewed scored about an 8, and that just doesn’t feel right to me anymore. While I may still be a generous person, and like things more than I don’t, I was far too lenient. With that in mind, with the essential reboot of the website, it’s time for some changes around here when it comes to scoring games. Without further ado, here is the new Review Score Bible!

1.  The 20-Point Scale

Originally, the site existed using a 10-point scale. For those who don’t know, that means only using the numbers 1-10 when it comes to reviewing. While this was fine, I personally found it a bit limiting. As such, I’ve decided to upgrade to a 20-point scale. That means the .5’s are here, folks. It all depends on preference. Now, for further elaboration, here’s a break down of what each of the numbers directly correlate to.

1 – Garbage
2 – Shameful
3 – Bad
4 – Disappointing
5 – Average
6 – Fine
7 – Good
8- Great
9 – Amazing
10 – Masterpiece

Now, I am aware that this is a fairly typical grading scale. That being said, so what? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So, when it comes to adding in those .5’s, basically that just means that it’s in the upper tier of that qualification. In another way of looking at it, you’re basically adding in an adverb. For example, a game or movie that is a 7.5 would be Really Good. On the lower end, a 3.5 would be more like Kinda Bad. As in, it’s bad, but it’s not SUPER bad. I know, kinda a weird distinction on the lower end. It would more mean that the product is more than just disappointing, but isn’t fully committed to being bad. So yeah. A 20-point scale.

2.  Using the Whole Scale

There is a propensity when it comes to rating, particularly with video games, to ignore a large section of the scale. Many people read a review for a game, and assume that if a game scores below a 7, that it is a bad game that isn’t worth purchasing. In addition, most game sites refuse to rate games completely according to their scale because of this. I’m not sure which is the cause of the other, but now most places are stuck in a situation they can’t escape. I plan on using the whole scale. I’m no longer going to mostly be hanging around the 7-10 level. Here at All: In Review, there’s no shame in a game getting a 6 or a 5, necessarily, and I’ll be sure to mention as so in any such review. I have plenty of games that I’d rate a 6 that I play the crap out of and plenty of 5/10 movies I love and watch frequently. Basically, there are products that get 5’s or 6’s that I would absolutely recommend to certain people, particularly fans of whatever genre that thing falls in to. So expect to see the whole scale well-represented here.

3.  No More Individual Breakdowns

Before, on the game reviews, I used to break down and score multiple categories to review, such as Story or Graphics. Yeah, no more of that. Instead, all games will be given an individual score to reflect their overall ranking in my mind. The final score of a game was not the average of the other ratings I would give it, which suggested that the game was, in fact, not the sum of its parts. So why rate the parts at all? I talk about my stances on the various aspects of a game in the review, and so I feel like there’s no real need to elaborate further.

I plan on slowly working back and readjusting the previous scores of the reviews on this site to reflect these new standards. Moving forward, everything will be following this model. Hopefully, everything keeps moving smoothly from here on out. If anything changes, I plan on updating things here to reflect that. Until then, welcome to the new All: In Review. I hope you like it.



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