The Mission Statement

We’ve all been to review websites in our day. Movies, music, TV, and video games reviews at every turn. All at once, these sites are both personal and distant; they are personal insofar as the opinions presented are that of the writer, and distant because these are personal opinions of something that in no way effects the life of the writer. Here at All: In Review, though, I want things to be a bit different.

Reviews are subjective opinions about the things that a person experiences. For some odd reason, this has been decided to only be truly directed at tangible objects or experiences. Why doesn’t anyone review the little things between those objects, those experiences? What about a person’s life?

While those tangible items will be reviewed here, from books to video games to movies and on, there will also be the kinds of reviews that maybe you, as a reader, aren’t used to experiencing. If we can give you something like that, make you look at these intangibles as something we can focus on and appreciate in a measured way, than maybe that was worth the journey.

Either way, let’s drop all of the serious talk. What you’ll find here at All: In Review is a fun, relaxed, informal place to indulge in reviews of various forms of media. In addition, anyone who ends up writing here will take it upon themselves to bring their lives into the various stories, games, and other products they’ll be tackling. An all-in destination for the nerdy and niche, we hope you’ll walk away from here feeling like you learned about more than the just the quality of a book, but that you got some insight on the life of another human being. And we plan on making you laugh too.

Without further ado, I would love to welcome you to All: In Review. Please have a great time.

Lead Writer and Founder
Kyle Grubb


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