A Brand New Start

I’ve missed you!

Hey everybody! And by everybody, I mean all of the nobody that reads this blog! I took a short little break from the site, at least in terms of the grand, cosmic image. In more relatable terms, yeah, I let this blog of mine die. After about only two months of work, I just got myself exhausted. I was trying to update it too regularly, turning it into something that I couldn’t quite do while balancing school and my social life. That, and I created a site that tried to do too much and was far too vague. It was a bit of an obvious failure on my part. I tried to make this a personal blog, updating things going on in my life, a review blog, which also happened to cover freaking EVERYTHING (why did I do that?), and occasionally I would even dabble with offering my own view of the news (which really was pointless). So after burning myself out, I just walked away. I had occasional viewership, but yeah, it didn’t really feel like I was abandoning anybody. It was just wiping my hands, saying “yeah, I tried” and then moving on in my life.

New Years mean resolutions, which I gave up trying to do years ago; I never had the conviction to follow through with big changes, and so always just ended up disappointed when I failed. But a new year also means a new start, and thus I figured “why the hell not?”

All: In Review is back, though that name is more a relic of the past than anything else. I don’t plan on deleting any of the old work on this site, because I’m proud of what I did there, but I’m basically retiring the Life: In Review section. I’m not much of a sharer, and so those were only ever surface-level looks at my life that really didn’t amount to anything. And with Life: In Review going the way of the dinosaur, so are other elements of the site: namely, my openings trying to link each review to my own personal life. While these work with certain things, like classic games or movies that I love, for anything fairly recent, or when I started tackling series of games like I did with Resident Evil, they were just completely pointless. Thus, that section of the reviews are gone. If anything has a particularly personal connection to me, I’ll just include it organically into the review like any other human being.

Lastly, for Stuff: In Review, I’m refocusing. While I don’t plan on completely deleting some of the categories of things to review, many of them are being removed from the rotation of things I plan on focusing on. That doesn’t mean I won’t update them very infrequently, though, with particular standouts. Instead, the main focus of this site is going to be reviewing Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, and Books. Currently, with TV Shows, we’re mid-season for quite a few shows, and I don’t find myself interested in reviewing anything from the middle. That does mean that most major shows right now won’t be followed, but things that start their seasons moving forward are all fair game, depending on if a show catches my interest. As for books, while I love reading, I’m not the most focused reader ever. As such, reviews for books will be much less frequent. Essentially, that means that the site, right now, is focused almost entirely on Video Games and Movies. We’re at a good down time right now with games, which means I can work on reviewing games I’ve played throughout the year while I’ve been gone. Also, Oscar Season is right around the corner, which means I’m in good position to pound away at some of the biggest major releases and contenders.

Also, just for my own personal sanity, I’m cutting down on the frequency of updates that I used to do. I only managed to burn myself out, trying so hard to update the site four or five times a week, and sometimes multiple reviews in a single day. So yeah, I’m committing myself to a regular schedule of two reviews a week, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. While I may update that to more, depending on how I feel about the whole situation now upon coming back, I never ever want to dip to less. So every Wednesday and Friday, expect something here on the site. That’s my own personal promise.

So that’s what’s happening moving forward: refocusing and fat-trimming. I really did love writing for this site, and am excited to start all over again. Speaking of starting over, there’s a little bit of unfinished work on this site: namely, two big series of reviews I was in the middle of. Firstly, with House of Cards Season 3, I plan on dropping it. While I do like the series, I found myself annoyed having to review it. Not sure why, entirely. But by the end, the annoyance of reviewing that show was a major factor on me deciding to walk away from the site. On the other hand, though, there’s my series of Resident Evil Reviews. With so much time having passed, I’m not going to be doing the individual reviews for episodes 3 and 4 of Revelations 2, but it’s my great pleasure to announce that, for my grand return to All: In Review, this week will be dedicated to finishing up my Resident Evil Retrospective Series (so far). This Wednesday, I’ll be releasing my full review of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, followed by my review of Resident Evil 6 on Friday. It’s time to close up that chapter on this site (finally) so that we can move forward.

In the end, that was just a very wordy way of saying one thing…

We’re back, baby!

Time to party!!!

-Kyle Grubb, All: In Review Founder and Lead (only) Writer.



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